Three services are regularly celebrated on a Sunday.

At 7:30 am in the Lady Chapel, Morning Prayer is said. This simple, 20-minute-long spoken service of the word consists of an opening canticle (or hymn of praise), antiphonal recitation of the Psalms for that Sunday, two scripture readings, each followed by a canticle, concluded by the Lord's Prayer, and three collects.

At 8:00 am at the High Altar, a Low Mass is celebrated. The form of this eucharistic celebration is the same as the 10 o'clock Solemn Mass, but music is not used—there is no choir and no hymns.

The 10 o'clock Solemn Mass is the central spiritual focus of parish life. This eucharist is celebrated with three sacred ministers, acolytes, the choir of men & boys, and incense. Most of this service is sung, by the priest with the people responding in kind, by the choir singing the "ordinary" of the mass and an anthem or motet during the communion, and by people and choir singing hymns at the entrance, gospel, offertory, and conclusion of the mass.

The Angelus is recited before the 8 o'clock Low Mass and at the conclusion of the 10 o'clock Solemn Mass.