Several times during the year, the Choir of Men & Boys sings the service of Solemn Evensong at 4 pm, frequently followed by Benediction. Some of these services are sung at sister parishes; some are sung at All Saints'.

Evensong is a much-loved part of the English cathedral tradition and is the sung evening counterpart to the service of morning prayer or Mattins. The psalms and canticles are sung by the choir. Two scriptures lessons are read. The priest sings his part with the people and choir responding in kind.

Occasionally a sermon is preached between evensong and benediction.

Benediction is a brief service of adoration of God in the most holy sacrament of the altar. It is an intensely quiet meditative opportunity for worship. The priest takes a consecrated Host from the tabernacle and places it in a monstrance so the whole congregation can gaze on the Bread of Life during a long period of silence. The priest blesses the people with the Host. The priest and people conclude the service by reciting the Divine Praises and a brief psalm and antiphon.

Benediction may be solemn, conducted before the congregation with priest, two vested assistants, acolytes, choir, and congregation. Or, it may be simple, with only priest, server, and congregation.

Together, Evensong and Benediction take less than an hour.