{grid8}The boy and teen singers are constantly immersed in some of the finest music ever written. Most of the music the Choir sings—ranging from the works of early English composers such as Byrd and Tallis, to continental composers such as Victoria and Palestrina, to the Baroque and Classical works of Bach, Haydn, and Mozart, and to the 19th- and 20th-century English cathedral repertoire from Stanford to Howells and beyond—was originally written for boys to sing, and is therefore ideally suited for their voices and intellects.

Through its affiliation with the Royal School of Church Music in America, the Choir employs a graded curriculum of music education which ensures that the boys master essential musicianship skills, such as sight-reading, theory, and healthy vocal technique. Since the Choir sings new music each week, the singers perform hundreds of pieces of music each year.

The boys quickly become proficient singing in several languages, including Latin, German, and French. They also learn a great deal by singing next to some of the finest professional singers in the Boston area, who sing the alto, tenor, and bass parts in the Choir. This core of professional singers is augmented by volunteers, as well as a vibrant group of teenage boys who grew up singing in the Choir and who are welcomed to continue singing after voice change.

In recognition of the service they provide to the parish, the boys are treated as professionals and receive a stipend for their work and are paid for each rehearsal and service they attend. This stipend provides an important motivator for attendance and for hard work, as the rate of pay is tied to skill development and excellence.

In addition to singing, the boys always find time for fun, including basketball! The church boasts an indoor gymnasium, which the boys enjoy before and after services and rehearsals. The boys also attend a summer choir camp in Essex, NY, on the shores of Lake Champlain, which is free of charge for the singers and is made possible by a partnership with St. John's Episcopal Church in Essex.{/grid8}{grid4_last}{unitegallery TheExperienceChoirSubpage}{/grid4_last}