Skinner Op. 708 is the cover feature

July 2015's The Diapason magazine features an extended article by organ restorer and All Saints' parishioner, Jonathan Ambrosino, on the restoration of Skinner Organ Company's Opus 708 (1929) as the church's new chancel organ. A beautiful photo of the restored chancel and organ facade graces, the text of which can be read on the magazine's website.

DIAPASON July 2015

Excerpt from the full article.

The enthusiasm for a Skinner at All Saints was rooted in the conviction that any accompanimental instrument should equal the resplendence of the building’s other appointments. Since the Fisk handily addresses literature and congregational singing, a chancel organ could focus on choral support without distraction. An organ in the orchestral style was not as important as having a palette of smooth, subtle, and timeless tone that, even at its most energetic, would not compete with voices. In Opus 708 we were grateful to find equal balance between chorus work and color stops, warm foundations and telling mixtures.