{grid8}Again this year, our boys of the choir traveled with their chaperones to beautiful Essex, New York, on the western edge of Lake Champlain, for a week-long choir camp, hosted by our good friends of St. John's Episcopal Church.

For a week, the boys participated in choir rehearsals each morning to prepare them for the up-coming Montréal Choir Course. Then in the afternoons, they swam, hiked, and did crafts, before retiring in the evening for a meal and bed at their hosts' homes.

On Sunday, 27 July 2014, they sang the Sunday eucharist service.

We are grateful to our friends at St. John's for hosting our boys again this year. Many of our choristers are inner-city residents with limited opportunities for travel. The land around Essex, against the great Lake Champlain is good for their souls and bodies.

If you know of a boy in the 2nd through 4th grade, who might like to investigate joining this professional choir, please contact the Master of Choristers, Mr. Sheranian, at 617-436-6370.

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