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  • All Saints is a community from Boston, the nearby South Shore, and from points further away. Those who worship here include both Episcopalians and other baptized Christians who find the faith and worship of this Christian community meaningful, as well as those seeking to find a place to experience God's presence. Much parish business (and a good deal of fun and pleasantries) happens at coffee hour, so if you want to find out what makes All Saints, Ashmont the place it is, a good first step is to join us in Peabody Hall for some refreshment after the Mass.

    If you are looking for opportunities to be a part of the every week business of the community, here are some ministries where you would be very welcome...

Mark your calendar

  • The Day of Pentecost

    May 24

    Communion Service in E Major
    Horatio Parker

    Psalm 104:25-32
    Anglican Chant: T. Tertius Noble

    Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God
    T. Tertius Noble


    Prélude et Adagio sûr le theme du ‘Veni creator’
    Maurice Duruflé

    Choral varié sûr le theme du ‘Veni creator’
    Maurice Duruflé


  • Trinity Sunday

    May 31

    Communion Service in the Phrygian Mode
    Charles Wood

    Psalm 93  
    Anglican Chant: George Elvey

    Daniel, Daniel, servant of the Lord
    Undine Smith-Moore

    Te deum ‘Collegium Regale’
    Herbert Howells


    Adagio from Sonata I (BWV 525)
    Johann Sebastian Bach

    Allegro from Sonata I (BWV 525)
    Johann Sebastian Bach


  • Trinity Sunday - Evensong

    May 31

    Choral Evensong with the Choir of St. Paul Church, Harvard Square

    Preces and Responses
    Thomas Tomkins

    Psalm 111
    Anglican Chant: James Turle

    Evening Service in D
    George Dyson

    I saw the Lord
    John Stainer

    Organ Recital at 5:00
    Forrest Eimold, organist

    Méditations sûr le mystére de la Sainte Trinité
    Olivier Messiaen


Faces of All Saints

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Service Times


7:30 a.m. Morning Prayer
8:00 a.m. Low Mass
9:00 a.m. Adult Christian Education*
10:00 a.m. Solemn Mass
11:30 a.m. Coffee Hour

* during the academic year


Low Mass
Wednesday 10 a.m. *
Friday 7 a.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.

* followed by coffee hour


Location and Parking

209 Ashmont Street
Dorchester MA 02124
(617) 436-6370


All Saints is located in the south Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, just off Peabody Square, at 209 Ashmont St. and is a very short walk from the Ashmont T station on the Red Line. (Click icon for map.)



The five principal levels of our buildings are now handicap accessible, served by a five-stop elevator. Handicap access into both buildings is by a walkway and ADA-compliant ramp from the parking lot to the Ashmont Street door of the church.

After 1 January 2015, the new entry vestibule of the parish house will provide access directly into the first floor elevator lobby. There are handicap accessible bathrooms on four levels of the church and parish house.


There is a private parking lot for 47 cars and on-street parking on both Ashmont Street and on the other streets surrounding the church. Through the end of December 2014, construction equipment will occupy portions of the parking lot.

Four of these spaces are reserved for Zipcars.

Parish of All Saints, Ashmont


Our emphasis at the Parish of All Saints is on sacramental worship (the Mass or Holy Eucharist) celebrated in a traditional Anglo-Catholic style, with strong orthodox teaching and preaching, supportive pastoral care, a caring parish family, and responsibility to our community and the greater world.

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